Class XPathFunctionContext

  extended by org.jaxen.SimpleFunctionContext
      extended by org.jaxen.XPathFunctionContext
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class XPathFunctionContext
extends SimpleFunctionContext

A FunctionContext implementing the core XPath function library, plus Jaxen extensions.

The core XPath function library is provided through this implementation of FunctionContext. Additionally, extension functions have been provided, as enumerated below.

This class is re-entrant and thread-safe. If using the default instance, it is inadvisable to call SimpleFunctionContext.registerFunction(String, String, Function) as that will extend the global function context, affecting other users.

Extension functions:

bob mcwhirter
See Also:
FunctionContext, org.jaxen.function, org.jaxen.function.xslt, org.jaxen.function.ext

Constructor Summary
          Create a new XPath function context.
XPathFunctionContext(boolean includeExtensionFunctions)
          Create a new XPath function context.
Method Summary
static FunctionContext getInstance()
          Retrieve the default function context
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getFunction, registerFunction
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Constructor Detail


public XPathFunctionContext()
Create a new XPath function context. All core XPath and Jaxen extension functions are registered.


public XPathFunctionContext(boolean includeExtensionFunctions)
Create a new XPath function context. All core XPath functions are registered.

includeExtensionFunctions - if true extension functions are included; if false, they aren't
Method Detail


public static FunctionContext getInstance()
Retrieve the default function context

the default function context

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