Class JavaBeanXPath

  extended by org.jaxen.BaseXPath
      extended by org.jaxen.javabean.JavaBeanXPath
All Implemented Interfaces:
Serializable, XPath

public class JavaBeanXPath
extends BaseXPath

An XPath implementation for JavaBeans.

This is the main entry point for matching an XPath against a JavaBean tree. You create a compiled XPath object, then match it against one or more context nodes using the BaseXPath.selectNodes(Object) method, as in the following example:

 Node node = ...;
 XPath path = new JavaBeanXPath("a/b/c");
 List results = path.selectNodes(node);

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See Also:
BaseXPath, Serialized Form

Constructor Summary
JavaBeanXPath(String xpathExpr)
          Construct given an XPath expression string.
Method Summary
 Object evaluate(Object node)
          Evaluate this XPath against a given context.
protected  Context getContext(Object node)
          Create a Context wrapper for the provided implementation-specific object.
Methods inherited from class org.jaxen.BaseXPath
addNamespace, booleanValueOf, createFunctionContext, createNamespaceContext, createVariableContext, debug, getContextSupport, getFunctionContext, getNamespaceContext, getNavigator, getRootExpr, getVariableContext, numberValueOf, selectNodes, selectNodesForContext, selectSingleNode, selectSingleNodeForContext, setFunctionContext, setNamespaceContext, setVariableContext, stringValueOf, toString, valueOf
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Constructor Detail


public JavaBeanXPath(String xpathExpr)
              throws JaxenException
Construct given an XPath expression string.

xpathExpr - The XPath expression.
JaxenException - if there is a syntax error while parsing the expression
Method Detail


protected Context getContext(Object node)
Description copied from class: BaseXPath
Create a Context wrapper for the provided implementation-specific object.

getContext in class BaseXPath
node - the implementation-specific object to be used as the context
a Context wrapper around the object


public Object evaluate(Object node)
                throws JaxenException
Description copied from class: BaseXPath
Evaluate this XPath against a given context. The context of evaluation may be any object type the navigator recognizes as a node. The return value is either a String, Double, Boolean, or List of nodes.

When using this method, one must be careful to test the class of the returned object. If the returned object is a list, then the items in this list will be the actual Document, Element, Attribute, etc. objects as defined by the concrete XML object-model implementation, directly from the context document. This method does not return copies of anything, but merely returns references to objects within the source document.

Specified by:
evaluate in interface XPath
evaluate in class BaseXPath
node - the node, node-set or Context object for evaluation. This value can be null.
the result of evaluating the XPath expression against the supplied context
JaxenException - if an XPath error occurs during expression evaluation

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