Package org.jaxen

This package defines the core Jaxen API to the XPath engine.


Interface Summary
Function Interface for the extensible function framework.
FunctionContext Implemented by classes that know how to resolve XPath function names and namespaces to implementations of these functions.
NamedAccessNavigator Interface for navigating around an arbitrary object model accessing certain parts by name for performance.
NamespaceContext Resolves namespace prefixes to namespace URIs.
Navigator Interface for navigating around an arbitrary object model, using XPath semantics.
VariableContext Resolves variable bindings within an XPath expression.
XPath Represents an XPath 1.0 expression which can be evaluated against a variety of different XML object models.

Class Summary
BaseXPath Base functionality for all concrete, implementation-specific XPaths.
Context Wrapper around implementation-specific objects used as the context of an expression evaluation.
ContextSupport Supporting context information for resolving namespace prefixes, functions, and variables.
DefaultNavigator Default implementation of Navigator.
JaxenConstants Thread-safe constant iterators used to avoid the overhead of creating empty lists.
JaxenHandler SAXPath XPathHandler implementation capable of building Jaxen expression trees which can walk various different object models.
SimpleFunctionContext Simple default implementation of FunctionContext.
SimpleNamespaceContext Provides mappings from namespace prefix to namespace URI to the XPath engine.
SimpleVariableContext Simple default implementation for VariableContext.
XPathFunctionContext A FunctionContext implementing the core XPath function library, plus Jaxen extensions.

Exception Summary
FunctionCallException Thrown if an exception occurs during the evaluation of a function.
JaxenException Generic Jaxen exception.
JaxenRuntimeException This class exists to wrap Jaxen exceptions that otherwise wouldn't be propagated up through the axis iterators.
UnresolvableException Thrown when a function-call or variable-reference, or any other lookup based on namespace and local name, couldn't be resolved.
UnsupportedAxisException Indicates attempt to evaluate an XPath axis that is unsupported by the current object-model.
XPathSyntaxException Indicates an error during parsing of an XPath expression.

Package org.jaxen Description

This package defines the core Jaxen API to the XPath engine. Using this API you can work with XPath on any object model.

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