Package org.jaxen.pattern

Defines XSLT Pattern objects.


Class Summary
AnyChildNodeTest AnyChildNodeTest matches any child node.
AnyNodeTest AnyNodeTest matches any node.
LocationPathPattern LocationPathPattern matches any node using a location path such as A/B/C.
NamespaceTest NamespaceTest tests for a given namespace URI.
NameTest NameTest tests for a node name.
NodeTest NodeTest is a simple test on a node.
NodeTypeTest NodeTypeTest matches if the node is of a certain type such as element, attribute, comment, text, processing instruction and so forth.
NoNodeTest NoNodeTest matches no nodes.
Pattern Pattern defines the behaviour for pattern in the XSLT processing model.
PatternHandler SAXPath XPathHandler implementation capable of building Jaxen expression trees which can walk various different object models.
PatternParser PatternParser is a helper class for parsing XSLT patterns
TextNodeTest TextNodeTest matches any text node.
UnionPattern UnionPattern represents a union pattern.

Package org.jaxen.pattern Description

Defines XSLT Pattern objects. The design of this library is greatly influenced by Michael Kay's SAXON implementation.

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