Package org.jaxen.util

Utility objects for walking object models.


Class Summary
AncestorAxisIterator Represents the XPath ancestor axis.
AncestorOrSelfAxisIterator Represents the XPath ancestor-or-self axis.
DescendantAxisIterator Represents the XPath descendant axis.
DescendantOrSelfAxisIterator Represents the XPath descendant-or-self axis.
FollowingAxisIterator Represents the XPath following axis.
FollowingSiblingAxisIterator Represents the XPath following-sibling axis.
LinkedIterator Deprecated. This class is undocumented and untested.
PrecedingAxisIterator Represents the XPath preceding axis.
PrecedingSiblingAxisIterator Represents the XPath preceding-sibling axis.
SelfAxisIterator Represents the XPath self axis.
SingleObjectIterator Simple utility class that wraps an iterator around one object.
SingletonList A utility class that implements singleton lists (to avoid dependency on JDK 1.3).
StackedIterator Deprecated. this iterator is no longer used to implement any of the Jaxen axes.

Package org.jaxen.util Description

Utility objects for walking object models.

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