Class XOMXPath

  extended by org.jaxen.BaseXPath
      extended by org.jaxen.xom.XOMXPath
All Implemented Interfaces:
Serializable, XPath

public class XOMXPath
extends BaseXPath

An XPath implementation for the XOM model

This is the main entry point for matching an XPath against a DOM tree. You create a compiled XPath object, then match it against one or more context nodes using the BaseXPath.selectNodes(Object) method, as in the following example:

 Object xomNode = ...; // Document, Element etc.
 XPath path = new XOMXPath("a/b/c");
 List results = path.selectNodes(xomNode);

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See Also:
BaseXPath, The XOM website, Serialized Form

Constructor Summary
XOMXPath(String xpathExpr)
          Construct given an XPath expression string.
Method Summary
Methods inherited from class org.jaxen.BaseXPath
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Constructor Detail


public XOMXPath(String xpathExpr)
         throws JaxenException
Construct given an XPath expression string.

xpathExpr - the XPath expression.
JaxenException - if there is a syntax error while parsing the expression

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