jaxen 1.1.2 API

org.jaxen This package defines the core Jaxen API to the XPath engine.
org.jaxen.dom Navigation for W3C DOM trees.
org.jaxen.dom4j Navigation for dom4j trees.
org.jaxen.expr Interfaces and default implementations for XPath expression components.
org.jaxen.expr.iter Axis iterator creation functors.
org.jaxen.function Standard XPath function library.
org.jaxen.function.ext Extension functions to the standard XPath function library.
org.jaxen.function.xslt XPath functions which are defined in XSLT.
org.jaxen.javabean Navigation for JavaBeans.
org.jaxen.jdom Navigation for JDOM trees.
org.jaxen.pattern Defines XSLT Pattern objects.
org.jaxen.saxpath Classes related to the event-based parsing and handling of XPath expressions.
org.jaxen.util Utility objects for walking object models.
org.jaxen.xom Navigation for XOM trees.


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